pre bridal package

Duration – 3.5 hrs

  • Facial consultation
  • Facial bleach
  • Facial as per skin
  • Pedi/Mani D-Tan
  • Pedicure (Normal)
  • Manicure (Normal)
  • Arms wax (Normal)
  • Legs wax (Normal)
  • Hair SPA
  • Threading
  • Upper lips

Duration – 3.5 hrs

  • Face D-Tan
  • Cleanup as per skin
  • Pedicure (Lotus)
  • Manicure (Lotus)
  • Threading
  • Upper lips

Duration – 4 hrs

  • Facial bleach
  • Facial as per skin
  • Full body wax (Normal)
  • Full body bleach
  • Full body polish
  • Full body pack
  • Bikini Wax (Rica)

What client's say about our Pre-bridal services

Looking for a combo deal ?

Get Your Classic Pre-Bridal with MBM Studio Professionals

Getting a pre-bridal done is very essential for glowing skin. It has become a necessity to get it done a few months before your wedding. It is essential to get it done by a professional as they are aware of the proper technique to do it. At our MBM Studio and Academy, we have a highly professional staff for a classic pre-bridal package. They are well-versed with all the tricks and techniques to use the right products on your body based on your skin type.

Classic pre-bridal package

The classic pre-bridal package has three sessions or sittings. For this, you should contact us months before your wedding. We will guide you with everything and will tell you the time gap you should keep between the sittings. These sittings will be covering everything from head to toe and include every necessary thing which is mandatory. We provide the best pre bridal makeup services in Delhi and have a loyal customer base.

First sitting

The first sitting will take nearly 3.5 hours which will include facial consultation, facial bleach, facial as per skin, Pedi/mani d-tan, pedicure (normal), manicure (normal), arms wax (normal), legs wax (normal), hair spa, threading, and upper lips.

Second sitting

The second sitting will also take 3.5 hours which will include a face d-tan, clean-up as per the skin, pedicure (lotus), manicure (lotus), threading, and upper lips.

Third sitting

The third session will usually take 4 hours. This session will include facial bleach, facial as per skin, full-body wax, full body bleach, full-body polish, full body pack, and bikini wax (Rica).

Get a trial appointment

If in doubt, you can book a trial appointment so that you can make an informed decision. We will try to make things easy by personally talking to you. Also, we will tell you about the products used by us in these sessions so that you are aware of the product quality. Our main aim is to provide the best services so that you are happy with us.

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To see our happy brides, you can check us out on our social platforms and our website. For any query and doubt, freely contact us. You can visit our MBM Studio or give us a call on the provided number. Our staff will help you in solving your queries. We also provide fast pre-bridal sessions, supreme pre-bridal sessions, and luxury pre-bridal sessions. To know the difference between these sessions, you can contact us.

Call us at our MBM Studio

With us, we assure you that you are in safe hands. Our professionals have years of experience in this field. We are the trusted makeup artist for pre bridal in Delhi. Our rates/prices are also genuine as compared to the other makeup artists in Delhi. We do take appointments on the phone but make sure to book us prior to the date you want to get your pre-bridal done to avoid any kind of last-minute disappointment.

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