Four Approved Hacks for Creating a Flawless Engagement Look

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Engagement ceremonies come under the category of one of the most important wedding rituals in an Indian household. Although the ceremony attracts a lesser number of guests than the actual wedding, you still get photographed a lot. With so many things to take care of as the bride, the last thing you want is your makeup to look bad. At MBM Makeup Studio and Salon, you get the best engagement makeup services in Delhi. Our team consists of a bunch of talented and experienced makeup artists to help you look your best on your D-Day. 

  1. Take your engagement season into consideration

The Internet is the most popular source for searching for bridal makeup inspiration. With hundreds of thousands of bridal makeup trends floating around multiple social media platforms, brides fail to acknowledge the importance of weather in determining the longevity of their makeup look. Summer brides, for instance, should try going for a non-makeup look, as heavier looks are difficult to manage in warmer months of the year.

  1. Use products you are familiar with

Most women want to feel relaxed on their wedding or engagement day, which is why they go to salons and studios with the best makeup artist for engagement in Delhi. Getting your makeup done by a professional on your engagement can help you organise other things, which usually go unnoticed during important wedding events like an engagement. That said; don’t hesitate to question the artist on their vanity. It is also better to be vocal about your allergies in advance to avoid any unwanted situations.

  1. Better to keep certain products handy

Although hiring a team of professionals will help you recreate the makeup look of your dreams without any worries, it is important to realise that they are not going to be there with you the entire time. A standard session for engagement makeup in Delhi doesn’t last for more than four hours. Since the majority of these makeup artists handle multiple bridal makeup sessions or bookings in a day, they can’t retouch your makeup every other hour. Indian weddings can be tiring, as much as they are fun. Therefore, you must keep certain products, such as translucent powder, setting spray, blotting paper, etc., for your makeup to last longer.

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  1. Focus on creating a flawless base

The science behind achieving the perfect engagement or bridal look is creating a flawless base. When you’re doing a full-fledged bridal look, you need to ensure that your base is flawless, for all other products go on smoothly over it. The smoother the base is, the cleaner the makeup look is going to turn out. Also, don’t forget to prep your skin with your daily moisturizer and toner before moving ahead with primer, foundation, and concealer to prevent creasing. 

These were the top four tips for creating the perfect engagement look this wedding season. An engagement ceremony is one of the most celebrated wedding functions in an Indian household. With so many little things to take care of, it can get challenging to recreate your desired makeup look without professional help. That said, if you are looking for bridal salons and studios offering engagement beauty packages in Delhi at an affordable price, don’t forget to check out our website. 

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