Four Bridal Makeup Tips to Beat the Delhi Heat

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Looking for a guide to help you recreate the best summer makeup look on your wedding day? Well, you’ve landed on the right page. Summer weddings are one of the most popular wedding hashtags on the internet, and rightly so. There’s nothing more beautiful than embarking on a new journey in your life under the warm blue skies. Delhi, known for its unbearable temperature during the warmer climate, is one of the most popular wedding destinations in India due to its affordability, accessible location, and mouth-watering food. Also, finding the top bridal makeup artist in Delhi isn’t much of a task, as the city is full of talented individuals. That said; let’s look at the top four makeup tips to beat the Delhi heat this wedding season. 

  1. Discuss your tanning schedule with your makeup artist in advance

Gone are the days when brides were told to stay away from the sun to prevent tanning. Modern brides today are all in for a natural, sun-kissed tan to add more character to their D-Day photos, especially if they are planning on rocking brighter colours. Getting a tanning treatment done by a professional three to four days before the actual event looks the most natural in real as well as in real life. However, you must discuss your tanning schedule with the makeup artist to avoid creating any confusion regarding the shades of different makeup products. 

  1. Skipping primer can be the biggest mistake

Everyone on the internet keeps hyping up the importance of having a flawless base on your wedding day. You will find hundreds of thousands of articles from professional bridal and celebrity makeup artists on creating the perfect makeup base, and primer is the one thing that’s common in most of these articles. Since it’s summer and you cannot really control the heat, a mattifying primer helps fill in your pores to control sweat. Primer is the second-most crucial step for achieving a glowing yet flawless base after moisturiser. Therefore, you must book your bridal sessions with a studio that provides the best bridal makeup services in Pitampura.

  1. Use smudge-proof and waterproof makeup products

As mentioned in the previous tip, sweat is the number one enemy of summer brides. As a summer bride, you need to ensure that the products included in the bridal party beauty packages in Delhi are one hundred percent waterproof and smudge-proof. Don’t hesitate to discuss all details with your makeup artist beforehand, as it would keep you calm and relaxed on your D-Day.

  1. Keep a compact handy

Certain products, such as foundation, concealer, and primer, are supposed to be applied only once. Even after doing so much, there’s no full guarantee that the makeup isn’t going to budge. Indian weddings scream celebration, delicious food, and upbeat songs, and having a little compact inside your handbag can save you from facing embarrassing situations. For instance, it can be used for spot correction when your makeup has budged. Compacts are also helpful in keeping your makeup look fresh and glowy throughout the entire day. 

These are our top four makeup tips for the summer brides of this year. Delhi, the capital city of the country, becomes one of the hottest regions in India during the summer months. The unbearable heat calls for creating a smudge-proof makeup look for all the women getting married in the summer months. At MBM Makeup Studio and Salon, you can find the best bridal beauty packages in Delhi at an affordable price. 

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