Top Makeup Ideas for Parties

Do you have a party to attend this weekend? It is time to retrieve all the lipsticks and makeup palettes that have been stashed away. Maybe you want to play dramatic and ditch the subtle look? Following are some great party makeup ideas for the season, available in party beauty packages in Delhi:

Glitter eye-makeup

With regard to party makeup, an element on which there is much buzz is glitter. Since glitter has been in trend for quite some time, this is a great makeup look for a party night this weekend.

Begin with a shade of neutral eye-shadow which will help in setting the base. Next, build up on the glitter and spread it in an even fashion all through the eyelids, straight up to the crease. There are many options ranging from liquid formulas to powder-puff products. For the finished look, coat eye-lashes with mascara, get muted lips and keep the remaining face clean.

Graphic eyes look

One hot look is that of intense graphic eyes. Even if they take much time and effort, they have worthwhile results. This makes for a highly dramatic makeup look for an evening party. Use eyeliner to draw the outline of the eyes first. Fill it out and add mascara to the same. Note that the waterline must be kept bare to accentuate the contrast. Complement this makeup look of the eyes with blush pink lips, alluring arches and glazed cheekbones.

Smoky eyes makeup

Whether there is a party or not, smoky eyes are a universal hit. Using the kohl tips of the Kajal, line the lower and upper lashes of the eyes in a heavy fashion. Now using the built-in smudger at the other end of the Kajal, smudge the eyes gently. Repeat the process till accomplishing the desired intensity. Finish with lots of mascara. This party look can be complemented by a classic matte and nude lips shade and rosy colour for the cheeks. The highlight of the makeup is the smoky eyes, provided by party beauty treatment packages in Delhi.

Colourful look

This surprisingly simple party look involves adding a pop of colour to the usual routine. This vibe is for high impact and low effort. Begin by drawing a thin line across the upper lash with a Kohl pencil. Next, create a double wing that begins at the centre of the lid instead of from the inner corner of the eyes.

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Power pout with bold lips

In case a plump and juicy pout is also a favourite, look no further than this look of party makeup. A bright burgundy pout has been a classic hit since time immemorial. Begin with the precise lining of your lips using bold-coloured lip liner and fill in with matte lipstick. Team this look with bare eyes, radiant skin and attractively highlighted eyebrows.

Full-glam face

Highlighters are often considered exclusively for party makeup. Yet it is quite versatile. Highlight the high points of the face- cupid’s bow, brow bone, bridge of nose and cheekbones. For some extra fun, it is good to dab some bit of pigment on the chin and inner corner of the eyes. Other great elements which add character to the look of this cock-tail makeup is a classic red lipstick and a subtle flick of eyeliner.

In sum, these are some of the top makeup ideas for a glamorous party look. The main distinguishing features are the options for eye makeup, lipstick and blush for the cheeks.

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