5 Essentials To Keep In Your Bridal Clutch

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One of the essential bridal accessories is the bridal clutch or potli. It makes our bridal look complete, and even though it is small, it enhances your visual appeal greatly. There are tons of bridal clutches available online or n the local stores. Some designer wears bridal clutches can be made to order that complements your bridal lehenga choli or sari. While we take pains to find the matching clutch to our bridal outfit, we do not pay much attention to what essential items we must keep in it. We have listed five essential things that you must ensure to keep inside your bridal clutch that can come in handy anytime during your wedding.

A LIPSTICK!- While we are almost certain that your bridal makeup artist in Delhi will definitely bring along the best lipstick that suits our skin tone and that goes well with the bridal outfit, we must carry one along with us too. You already know what bridal outfit you are going to wear so you can carry a lipstick that suits you on your Big Day. Therefore, even if you have eaten the lipstick, you need not worry as you can always go to the washroom and put it on. In addition, when the makeup artist is gone, and you feel the need to get a touch on of makeup, the lipstick that you will carry will also come in handy.

SAFETY PINS – These tiny little pins are almost a lifesaver. They come in handy for just about anything and everything from tucking your pallu to fixing the blouse to your bra strap. You should keep a bunch of safety pins in your bridal clutch to fasten things better or to fix any last time tears.

TISSUES – Indian weddings are full of emotions, mostly for the bride. The vidaai ceremony means shedding many tears. You would definitely not want to use your hands or wiping off your tears with your dupatta. It will only ruin your good make up for which you have paid a heft amount already. Moreover, not to forget every moment will be captured on the camera and you wouldn’t want to look at your pictures of a bride with smudged makeup!

MOUTH SPRAY OR BREATH MINTS – You may be suffering from bad breath. Also, you may have to come in close contact with people during your wedding. Hugging and kissing friends and relatives whom you meet after a long time may make your mouth feel fuzzy. Therefore, you must always keep breath mints or mouth spray to feel fresh. So do not forget to put these in your bridal clutch.

A TRAVEL-SIZE PERFUME – Heavy wedding outfits may make you perspires and emit a bad odour. You can always feel and smell good by spraying a little perfume in your washroom visits. This is necessary to have a thing in your bridal clutch.

We hope the above essential things to keep in your bridal clutch will help you make your wedding go smooth, hassle-free and a happy one.

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