5 Genuine Reasons for Makeup Artists to have all-round knowledge in makeup and hairstyling

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The fact is makeup tends to dominate more when compared to hairstyling. However, things have changed in the last few years. The emergence of well-known hair stylists has completely transformed this industry. The hairstylists have managed to provide an amazing bridal look to conquering the fashion world. They are talented enough to recreate magical hairstyles to match different events. Hence, it has become important for makeup artists of today to have in-depth knowledge of both makeup and hairstyling as well. 

5 reasons for budding artists to become all-rounders in hairstyling and makeup

  • Excellent growth and career opportunities: You can easily come across fashion and bridal makeup artists easily whenever desired. But hairstyling is considered to be in huge demand as there is shortage of talents. It is for this reason, youngsters desiring to have a flying career in this field tend to choose both hairstyling and makeup. Completing such courses provides you an upper edge over your competitors and allows you to get jobs and clients quickly. 
  • Market preferred: On successful completion of training, you can boast of providing both hairstyling and makeup services, be it as an independent professional or while working for studios. You can easily get jobs in any location across the globe at salons, academies, with senior artists and makeup studios. Having acquired both the skills will also make you a favourite artist among your clients. They will be more than happy to get the job done by you than visiting two different professionals. 
  • More work options: As you gain experience as a hair stylish and makeup artist, you can get better opportunities and exciting pay packages. Perhaps a major film production company might provide you with a major break to work with leading celebrities. You may apply for the job of a makeup artist or that of a hair stylist or even both, without any hassle. You are sure to be preferred over the other candidates. With more work performed, you get to know new techniques and get hold of celebrity clients. Developing an excellent network allows you to enjoy monetarily and also explore entrepreneurial adventures. 
  • Preferred by clients: Generally, those seeking party make-up looks or bridal bookings, do not prefer hiring two different professionals to carry out hair styling and makeup jobs. Rather, they would like to select someone who can manage both things but with great perfection. It is here that the all-rounder hair stylist and makeup artist is likely to get preference over competitors. 
  • Saves costs: The main reason for people to prefer a single professional to carry out both the tasks is to save valuable money. They don’t have to bother pay two different professionals huge amounts. Since you offer both services, you may provide your clients with discounts, thus adding them to your loyal client base. Moreover, you may pitch easily and effortlessly for hair styling and makeup booking/orders also. 

The above are a few reasons for you to choose becoming an all-rounder and learn makeup and hairstyling skills.

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