Changes In The Field Of Makeup Due To Covid

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We all know that because of the Coronavirus, there are many restrictions imposed around the world. We all have several limits. We can’t go to social events or go to public activities. But as intimate weddings have started happening with fewer people, there are some things that we should pay attention to in the makeup business.

We are all mindful of washing, sanitising, sneezing and covering our hands. Many of us have heard of this. There are certain items that we have to be cautious about, whether it is a makeup artist or a beautician or even a client. Many good makeup artists in Delhi take necessary precautions amidst COVID.

Sanitizing of Hands

The first thing is to get your hands sanitised. Not only due to Coronavirus, but we have also found in many areas that the mistake many makeup artists makes is double-dipping and cross-contamination with goods. Similarly, whether it is a liquid eyeliner or Mascara or base, we apply it as it is. Cross-contamination of used goods must not occur at this Coronavirus period. We need to be careful about measuring how we use these things.

Cleaning of Makeup Brushes and other items

If you are an artist using a base or other item, you must bring a palette and a spatula. You have to sanitise the palette with alcohol first of all. It is also essential to sanitise not only your hands but also your instruments. Clean brushes must be used. Deeply washed brushes must be used. Never use someone else’s brush that was used for it. Take the items and place them on the pallet by scooping them. Mix it and then use it even though it is lipstick or foundation for the customer.

Cleaning of Makeup products

Products made of powder such as eye shadows; contour and highlighters are essential makeup products for a wedding. Hence, you need to have 99 per cent alcohol in a spray bottle if you need to use them. Use it only after alcohol has been sprayed spray it as often as possible to avoid contamination. While using Mascara, you can still buy disposable wands for Mascara by which double-dipping is never achieved.

Another important thing when you use pencils such as lipliners, eyeliners, is that sharpen it using a sharpener when you use it for one customer and then spray it with 90 per cent alcohol. Only after that, should you use it for another client. If you are using lipstick or lip gloss, take the product with the applicator on the palette and then use it only. But sometimes, it is better to use the client’s makeup products like Mascara or eyeliner to be very sure.

Using Masks

Above all, the makeup artists are expected to wear masks that cover the nose and downwards. Also, masks should be disposable. After 6 hours, it can usually be disposed of. For the next day’s job, one should use a new mask. So, you need to be very careful while choosing the makeup artists and make sure all the necessary measures are taken.

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