Convenient Beauty Makeup Hacks For Brides -To-Be

Beauty Makeup Hacks

It is well said that change is the law of nature hence women of bygone days used to try DIY packs and other homemade natural ingredients or products to look good and to maintain their beauty whereas, girls of the 21st century are more curious about skincare and hence believe that spending huge money in salons experimenting expensive facials or products ending up ruining their natural beauty as well. 

We’ll try to look at few such ways to maintain the beauty and serve as a life saviour a few days before the D-day and even on the big day.

  • Puffy Eyes?

No doubt the wedding functions and tasks are tiresome but make sure those tired puffy eyes don’t ruin those photographs that last a lifetime.

Solution: Take 2 spoons and keep them in a freezer for around 10-15 minutes and keep those chilled spoons on and under the eyes, and you are ready to rock the stage.

  • Do you have a habit of eating your lipstick?

No doubt the ladies eat their lipsticks many a time while eating or whenever they are conscious but don’t worry; we have a quick hack to solve that for you.

Solution: Apply a little concealer on your lips before applying the hot red lipstick to keep it stay long.

  • Doesn’t have voluminous, beautiful lashes?

Do you feel jealous of the beautiful eyelashes of the girls on the big screen? There is always something we have to do to achieve something splendid.

Solution: Apply a coat of mascara on your lashes followed by a coat of translucent powder and then the last coat of mascara and flutter.

  • Have large pores and fine lines?

Solution: A primer after moisturizing will serve the purpose of a corrector ending up reducing large pores and hence prepares the skin for the upcoming makeup.

  • Avoid using any SPF product on the D Day

The elements found in any SPF product can cause a white cast on the beautiful photographs spoiling all your makeup on the stage.

Solution: Make sure if any SPF product you want to use must be a moisturizer and not foundation.

  • Don’t compromise with mascara

Eyes speak a lot, especially when it’s a bold makeup look, and obviously, nobody wants to spoil it by getting emotional at the bidaai or the pheras.

Solution: Invest in waterproof mascara. It just doesn’t keep your eye makeup lasts long from teary eyes but also with the heat and splash of sweating in the sweltering heat.

  • Want a pearly white smile?

Undoubtedly, wedding stress can lead to higher consumption of tea or coffee. Stree may go but will leave stains on your teeth which doesn’t look nice.

Solution: Blend half a teaspoon of baking soda from the kitchen with your white toothpaste and make sure it is not gel-based toothpaste and you’re ready to smile with your sparkling teeth again.

  • Want dramatic lips like a bold actress?

Who doesn’t want bold and fuller lips but reading articles on how painful it makes us less interested in the process but worry not?

Solution: Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your lip gloss throughout the day and experience pain-free, plumper lips.

There’s an endless list of such beauty hacks, but these are the primary and not-to-forget ones.

Make sure you try these and rock your Big Day with lots of memories for a lifetime.  


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