Different Types of Pre-Bridal Beauty Packages

Different Types of Pre-Bridal Beauty Packages

The wedding day is the most important in the life of every girl. She wants to have the perfect dress and makeup on their wedding day so that she can look the best. The bride-to-be needs to prepare for that perfect glow on the face that too on the wedding day in advance. For such a glow, she can easily opt for the pre bridal makeup in Delhi. This pre-bridal package will help the bride to have relaxing services and get rid of all the tan from their body.

MBM Makeup Studio & Academy is the place that provides the best pre-bridal packages. All the brides-to-be can come to the place and have a check on the different options. Accordingly, they can book the one that suits them the most. Here is the list of different packages available at MBM Makeup Studio & Academy.

  • Fast pre-bridal package: It is like a fast-forward relaxing session. This pre-bridal package will include only one sitting, which will be before 4 days of the wedding day. It will include facial, bleach, full-body wax, pedicure/ manicure, full body bleach, threading, upper lips, bikini wax, and hair spa. You can rely on the staff of MBM as they will provide the best services.
  • Classic pre-bridal package: This is the pre-bridal package that includes three sitting for their client. This package starts 15 days before the wedding day. All things like facial, bleach, waxing, manicure, pedicure, hair spa, bikini wax, threading, upper lips, etc are included. In each sitting, different processes are included to just fully relax the client.
  • Supreme pre-bridal package: This is the pre-bridal package that has 4 sittings that will start at least 21 days before the wedding day. In this type of package, high-end skincare products are used to provide the client with a better experience of luxury. Different activities are divided into different days. The client will enjoy every bit of the experience provided to them.
  • Luxury pre-bridal package: It is one of the high-end pre-bridal packages that is made available to clients. This pre-bridal package has a total of six sittings. At every sitting, the client needs to get the basic to advance level skincare done. Each sitting will be of 4-5 hours to get complete. Most people take this package and start it 2 months before the wedding day. It is like a full-blown luxury package that a bride-to-be can have before the wedding.

The best part about MBM Makeup Studio & Academy pre-bridal packages is that every person will surely get the package of their choice. Most people opt for the classic pre-bridal package as it will surely fit into the budget of many people. When the talk comes to the services, MBM is known for providing the best experiences to all their clients. Once the person comes here, they will be totally satisfied with each of the services that they get here. You can trust MBM Makeup Studio & Academy for almost every service related to beauty.

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