Different Wedding Makeup Trends to See in 2023


Almost every girl always dreams about their wedding day look for years. In the overall wedding look, makeup is something that will play the most important role. If you look back, the way of doing makeup is far different from the way it is done now. 

Everyone wants to get their wedding makeup look according to the latest trends. If your wedding is around the corner, just book the best bridal makeup in Pitampura.

With time, the trends in makeup tend to change. Here are some of the wedding makeup trends that you will see in 2023. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Luminous natural makeup: If you talk about wedding makeup looks, nowadays, every girl wants to go for a natural-looking and luminous base. Gone are the days when people used to like heavy-base makeup. Rather, makeup artists today are now putting a lot of effort into prepping skin well so that the skin’s inner glow can be enhanced with makeup. Many makeup artists use lightweight foundations and primers for the base.

  • Natural lashes: a couple of years back; you might have seen brides wearing heavy eyelashes on their wedding looks. Back then, makeup also used to be very heavy. But now, with time, things have taken a better way. So with a minimal and natural-looking base, most girls are going for natural lashes. Wearing natural-looking falsies will elevate the entire look but in a very minimal way.

  • Glossy lips: Today, a lot of brides want their lips to be more glossy than matt ones. High shiny glossy just elevates the entire makeup look. Most of the brides go with muted lip colours and get them glossy. This way, the whole emphasis comes on attire and eyes, not on lips. This is one trend that you might see every bride following these days.

  • Shimmery eyes: Today, you will see that shimmering and sparkling eyes are everywhere. This is one such trend that you will see in a lot of brides following. The sparkling eyes look a very subtle makeup look. You can pair these eye looks with false lashes. This combination will elevate the entire wedding makeup look.
  • Chrome nails: Today, every bride is paying equal attention to their nails as well. Most of them are going for chrome nails with the shape of their choice. This way, the nails get the sheen to look very appealing everywhere. Along with the chrome nails, you can even add the pearlescent so that it gives the nails a very appealing look.

If you are soon to be bride, just makeup sire that you are following all these latest trends prevailing in the industry. You will surely get to achieve the bridal makeup look just by following all these trends that can help you get the makeup look of your dreams. For the overall wedding look, choose the makeup artist properly so that the entire look goes in the direction you expected from it.

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