DIY Brow Lamination: Can I Do It at Home?

DIY Brow Lamination

In the fashion and cosmetics industries, eyebrows are quite important. Over the past twenty years, Brow lamination kit have experienced a significant shift, going from thin, arched brows to bushy, Cara-inspired brows to the full, feathery brows most recently seen on catwalk models. There’s no doubt that thick, arched brows may enhance your features and give your face more depth. This post will explain the most recent brow lamination craze if you haven’t already.

What Is The Brow Lamination?

By realigning the direction of hair development and increasing the brow contour, brow lamination, often known as a “brow lift,” gives the appearance of full, fluffy brows. It is a terrific semi-permanent brow perm for curly, uncooperative brows to get the trendy editorial brow style. With brow lifts, it’s simpler to shape your brows whatsoever you choose. The fact that thick, fluffy brows are always in vogue has only served to increase the procedure’s appeal.

Is Brow Lamination Possible at Home?

Top makeup artist in Delhi employ brow lamination treatments composed of powerful, high-grade substances, and you really need to know what you are doing. You easily over-process the hair, which would eventually cause a long-lasting result.

With a little makeup and a few simple procedures, a temporary home brow lamination may be accomplished. With a tiny amount of clear soap, setting spray, and a hard fingertip, the majority of makeup artists simulate a laminated brow. 

The DIY Brow Lamination At Home

Be sure that your brows are tidy and that the washing solvent has cleansed all the makeup. Apply the Lash Glue after using a spoolie to brush the eyebrows forward. Once each hair of the eyebrow has been covered, run a spoolie across the brow once more to make the hairs stand up. Next, use a cotton bud to apply the perming solution in an upward motion. Avoid getting the solution anywhere near your eyes, as well as any wounds or skin irritations.

A huge piece of cling film should be placed over your brows. After eight to ten minutes, leave the cling film in place and remove the solution with micellar water and a cotton pad. Apply the setting solution with a Q-tip to your brows, cover them with a fresh piece of cling film for ten minutes, and then remove the solution. Spread the setting powder with a cotton bud to your eyebrows, cover them with a fresh piece of cling film for 15 min, and then remove it with micellar water on a cotton pad.

To suit your tastes, shape your brows. If your brows are light, you can colour them to make the finer, lighter hairs visible for brows that appear fuller. In order to get a more polished look, you might also need to clip or remove a few hairs.


Since eyebrow lamination keeps your brows brushed upward for around six weeks, it is similar to getting a perm for your brows. You may give yourself a brow lamination treatment from a makeup artist in Delhi to hold you over till the regulations change, even though you can schedule an appointment for your next one at the salon. Your brows will seem quickly lifted and feathery in just a few simple steps.

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