Eye Makeup Ideas for Summer Brides


The art of bridal makeup is finding the ideal harmony between your eyes, lips, and attire. The final product has to be flawless since your eyes and lips will receive the majority of the extra colour to your face. For the summer wedding styling as a bride to seem faultless, the eyeshadow and lip colour combination must be perfect. Thankfully, there are a few eye makeup looks and combinations for bridal makeup that are always a good idea.

Colour schemes for Distinctive Eye Makeup for brides 

Thus, we recommend that you skim through this site if you’re a bride and want to have your eye makeup game on point by combining some unusual and lovely colours. We’ve included all the greatest eye makeup colours for a wedding right here with tied-up hairstyles, so you may choose your eye makeup to make the most of being a bride, whether you prefer vibrant and colourful hues or their subdued variations. Look them up!

1. Brown-toned glitter metallic eye makeup with haze

You may use a gentle smoky eye with metallic shadows and brown-toned glitter for this fashionable summer look. A little eyeliner around the waterline maintains the whole eye to seem youthful, and dark eyebrows and a satin finish polish off the lovely look. Furthermore, the sensual tones considerably brighten up the wedding skyline.

2. Champagne eye makeup with shimmer

Go no beyond champagne eyeshadow for a dash of glitter that will truly make eyes sparkle when it captures the daylight. My go-to neutral colours for bridal outfits are champagnes, light coppers, and rose golds. They beautifully highlight the many shades of eye colour and provide the ideal neutral setting for light eyes. You can also opt for the best party makeup in Delhi.

3. Navy Blue Eye Makeup

I adore using dark charcoals and navy hues for night time looks because they really highlight the eyes’ blue undertones.

The bride’s eyes were further enhanced by the makeup artist by applying champagne eyeshadow to her inner corners and tapping it on the center of her lid for dimension after using navy for a smoky eye.

4. Mauve eyes

All skin tones may benefit from mauves, but if your preference is for subdued, gentle eyes, you should go with this colour. This colour is quite versatile and may quickly transform your appearance from a daytime soft glam look to a night time smoky eye. All you need to do to prepare your eyes for the evening is adding depth to the outer corner of your eyes with a dark brown or black eye shadow. Pink lips go perfectly with this style!


Although eye makeup has an impact on your entire appearance, it’s crucial to develop a beauty regimen that makes you feel beautiful on the inside. Begin with hydrated skin and an eye primer that works well to stop eyeshadow from creasing. Avoid harsh eyeliners to give the eye region a more youthful appearance; instead, go for light, Smokey eyes, clump-free lashes, and other colour combinations discussed above. 

Furthermore, think about choosing waterproof eyeliner and mascara that won’t stain, flake, or move even after several hours of usage.

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