Important Makeup Dos And Don’ts For Every Summer Bride

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Summers are full of happiness and fun. But, Indian summers, which are notorious for their scorching heat and extremely high temperatures, can be miserable for everyone. Even if you are getting married indoors or at night, it’s not as easy as it looks. This is especially true for brides.

In such a scenario, looking your best could get difficult- but not impossible. Check out these make up tips to stay at the top of your game on your big day-

  • Say yes to airbrushing-

It’s not easy to keep thinking about makeup touch-ups in all of those clothes and heavy jewellery. You will also feel hot and uncomfortable with your bridal attire. If you are a summer bride who is worried about how you will survive the wedding, then fret not! Airbrush is a great way to make your wedding memorable with the prefect makeup.

Airbrush makeup is a great option if you are getting married in summer. It lasts longer and can be used on oily skin too.

  • Stay away from flicks-

These little flicks can become untidy and unmanageable in the summer. Keep your hair away from your face to avoid any unwanted flicks.

  • Choose powder products over cream-

Summer is a great time to use powder products such as blush, contour, and highlight. They tend to make your skin less oily and sweat less. Also, they will prevent your skin from reflecting light.

  • Don’t use a foundation you haven’t tried before-

Your makeup artist should give you a trial and make sure that the foundation is properly tested. This is because the foundation will determine the quality of your makeup. For the summer, a long-wear foundation is better. So, make sure to check its wear time on your skin.

  • When does your skin need extra care?

Oily skin is a sign that you need to be extra careful at a summer wedding. You don’t want your face to get too oily. Have it touched up with powder. Ask your makeup artist for matte products and a primer to prevent your skin from getting excessively oily on your big day.

  • Matte is the way to go-

Summer is all about matte products, not glossy. Glossy products can make your skin look a little too unnatural or oily in the heat. It is best to use matte products during this time of the year.

  • Proper setting of your makeup is important-

Setting sprays are great for all skin types! Setting sprays can seal your makeup and ensure it stays put. Check with your MUA for more information or bring your own setting spray from the market.

  • Keep a kit for touch-up ready-

A handy kit includes a compact powder, lash glue and lippie. Blotting sheets are a better alternative to using a powder puff over and over again. Blotting sheets are easier to carry and they soak up oil quicker than a powder puff does.

So, by following these simple makeup dos and don’ts, you will be the prettiest version of yourself on your wedding.

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