Main Kinds of Pre-Bridal Spa Treatments to Rejuvenate You

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It is true that most brides-to-be will feel overwhelmed with dress fittings, menu decisions and flower arrangements before the big day. The last thing they want is one more item on their to-do list. However, it cannot be denied that all brides want to look and feel their best on their wedding day.

Pre-bridal spa treatments are simply what the doctor (beautician) ordered. They are a luxurious and relaxing way to prepare for your wedding. Following are some major pre-bridal spa treatments recommended by bridal beauty treatment packages in Delhi, for glowing on the wedding day:


Planning for a wedding is stressful, taking a toll on your happiness and health. A good massage can help in de-stressing and relaxing the body. Based on the spa of your choice, there are different massages on offer. Deep-tissue massage is meant for athletes, but others, like hot stone massage and Swedish massage, suit the average Jane. The key thing is your personal preference. You can opt for massage on your own or with your fiancé (couple massage) or your bridesmaids (hen party).

Sauna/ steam

Saunas can prove to be incredibly relaxing and be the perfect mode to get rid of pre-wedding stress. The bonus is that they help to release body water through sweating. This helps counter any feelings of bloating experienced by the body before the wedding, which might ruin the looks of the wedding attire. Saunas are also a good way to relax with family or friends during the chaos of wedding preparations.

Full body scrub

Sure to offer you a golden glow, it is a full body scrub that proves great for your skin and comprises exfoliation from the neck to your toes. Not only will the skin feel as soft as a silk sheet, but also it will provide a zing or renewed energy to heal from months of the event (wedding) planning.

The best thing to do is to book the body scrub straight after a steam or sauna sessions which will throw open the pores and help you enjoy the complete treatment. Exfoliation helps to get rid of dead cells of the skin, and typically, a moisturiser or skin oil is applied after treatment. A full body scrub is especially useful if you aim to display some skin on the wedding day, like with a deep cut or off-shoulder bridal dress.


Your face will be the focal point of pictures on the wedding day. It is desirable that the bride’s face should look radiant and glowing. Facials help to improve your skin and relax it. There are many kinds of facials. Most will focus on refreshing and hydrating your skin. Others will cut down the years from your face. But the point to be noted is that some facials can cause redness or peel of the skin, so it is good to do the facial one or two weeks in advance to recoup from such possibilities. Get this done professionally as part of bridal beauty packages in Delhi.

Hair mask

It is a deep treatment that infuses hydration into the bride’s hair just like a facial does to her face. The good aspect of hair masks is that they can be done either the DIY way or by professionals. But before diving in, solicit information from the spa about various hair masks and their ingredients. Know whether the mask will harm your hair if it contains bleaches, dyes or chemical treatments.

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Pedicure and manicure

The star of the wedding day is often the wedding ring on the bride’s finger or the Mehandi on her hands. So, it is vital that her fingers look their best. So, before the big day arrives, get a manicure and pedicure on the to-do list. If the bride gets these done regularly several months before the wedding day, the mani-pedi needs on the day before the wedding will be minimal. Early mani-pedis will also give you a chance to try out nail polish styles for the big day.

In sum, these are some ways to relax and enjoy while preparing for the wedding so that you look the best and perfect. Pre-wedding spa treatments have always helped brides feel good on their wedding days.

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