Major Beauty Appointments You Need To Take Before Your Big Day

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There is perhaps a bride who doesn’t want to look beautiful on her big day. The beauty plan we have presented here will help you set a workable beauty routine. This plan covers everything from your hair to your teeth. It also includes enough time for you to ensure that you can handle emergencies.

  • See a nutritionist or dietician-

This one is optional, but it is important. Try to do it at least 8 months prior to your wedding. We all want to look slimmer and more radiant on our wedding day. Professional help is the best way to achieve this. Talk to a nutritionist for a great diet plan. They can also help you lose weight and keep your glow intact on the big day.

  • See a dermatologist-

A dermatologist can help you look your best, no matter if your skin is perfect or not. Get an appointment six months prior to the wedding. A dermatologist will help you choose the best products for your skin, as well as which vitamins to use. They can also advise you about whether or not you should have any treatments.

  • Laser technique for hair removal-

This is something that many women are choosing to do, especially when they are super hairy. You can start the entire process six months before your wedding, regardless of whether you have facial hair, hair on your arms, legs, or the bikini lines.

  • Pay a visit at your dentist’s clinic-

Your smile will be a key part of your wedding. It’s important to get your teeth cleaned and whitened prior to the big day, especially if your teeth are stained or yellow. You can ask your dentist for recommendations to keep that radiant smile intact until the big day!

  • Seek advice from a hair stylist-

Most brides prefer to have their hair professionally done for the big day. However, it is a good idea to trim your hair about two months in advance so that you don’t get split ends or dry ends. Keep some time at hand if you plan to dye your hair. You can either see how it looks or make adjustments later.

  • Get a makeup trial done-

This is a great idea and should be done after you have finished finalising your wedding jewellery and outfit- 1 to 2 months before wedding. Your makeup artist should be able to give you a realistic vision and you both should start planning your look approximately a month before the big day.

  • Get a facial done-

You should allow sometime between the wedding and your facial to give your skin some rest. Bridal facials can be expensive so make sure you have enough time for any minor reactions. So, get it done a week prior to your wedding.

  • Time for your body hair and eyebrows-

Get your waxing and threading/ tweezing done 3-4 days before the big day. This is so you can ensure that your eyebrows look neat and tidy and your skin smooth. You should give enough time for the redness to go away.

  • Get some pampering- body massage and scrub-

You should begin the process of exfoliating and self-massaging about two months before your big day. However, you can get a relaxing massage and body scrub just a few days before your big day to help yourself relax.

  • Pedicure and manicure-

Your hands and feet will be photographed with the Mehendi, so make sure they look stunning. Get your pedicure and manicure done at least a day before the function.

These appointments before your D day will definitely make you look like a dream on the most special day of your life- your wedding day!

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