Nail Art Designs That Are Trending

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Apart from looking at what dress, accessories, the footwear you are wearing, it has become a recent trend to look at your nails too. Gone is the day when people were advised to cut their nails. These days, people are more interested in nails and nail arts.

Even if you can’t grow nails, there are nail extensions in Delhi that you can try out. Here are some of the nail art that is trending recently,

Nail Art Gold and Natural

A fantastic way to partake in the nail art trend is gold and natural nail styles without being too lavish. You can paint gold patterns on a neutral basis whether you have a steady hand or have a professional manicurist. Alternatively, to make elegant designs, decals are an easy and simple choice.

Tie-dye Nail Painting

Using this fun nail art style to reinterpret the boho-tie-dye theme. The beauty of this look is that you can use virtually any hue to make it functional. Plus, at home, it’s easy to do. Only add a white base coat, then work fast, then dot your preferred colours on the white while it’s still wet. Using a translucent topcoat until it’s dried to make that gorgeous tie-dye look last. Using press-on nails, alternatively.

Nail Art Style with Faces

With the faces, put some contemporary art into your nail style. It is absolutely excellent to pay attention to detail and line work on this nail painting. The best nail art in Delhi would have the expertise to build this look for you and have a steady hand. Alternatively, if you do not have a manicurist or plan to build this look at home, decals and nail wraps are a brilliant option.

Ombre Nail Art Style 

Ombre nail painting enables a new perspective on the nails of the rainbow. Everything you need is some nail tape, beauty sponges, and your favourite shades of nail polish. Firstly, to stop colouring the skin, add the tape to your fingertips. Using nude nail polish next then let it dry. Paint the paint on the sponge after that, and then press it on to the nails. By using a single colour on a nude base, keep the look discreet and clear. Alternatively, by combining multiple colours together for various effects, you can create some colourful patterns.

Nail Art Style in White and Nude

With this white and nude nail art style, take a flip on the traditional French manicure. On the square, rounded, and almond-shaped nails, this style, which utilizes concentric arcs of various thicknesses, looks excellent. You produce additional attention by alternating the feature colour on each nail between nude and white. Using a stencil to ensure that the arcs are the same shape; otherwise, the effect can be lost with irregular linework.

Floral nail art

This floral nail art is absolutely stunning and is a brilliant look for girls’ brunch or weekend picnics. To make this look personal, pick some kind of flower in any colour. A neutral palette is very wearable and flexible, though. You can manually paint flowers of some sort whether you have a steady hand or take the help of nail extension services in Delhi.

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