7 Points To Consider Before Booking Your Bridal Makeup Artist

bridal makeup artist

One of the most important people on your wedding day is perhaps your bridal makeup artist. The makeup artist can make or break your look. It is a dream of every girl to look the most beautiful as a bride on her special day. For that to happen, you have to choose a bridal makeup artist by keeping in mind several factors. We list below a few tips that you must consider before you book one.

Budget– Weddings are planned, keeping in mind a certain budget. A makeup artist too is hired only if the rate of the artist suits your budget. Every makeup artist has his/her own rate for bridal packages, which are usually non-negotiable. Shortlist your makeup artist keeping in mind your financial limits.

Start Your Research Early– There is a high demand for makeup artists in the wedding season. Therefore, it is always advisable to book a makeup artist for at least 6 months prior to your wedding.

Be Honest– Be honest when it comes to letting the makeup artist know what type of makeup style and cosmetic products you would want to be sued on you. Also, if you have a destination wedding, be clear about it so that the makeup estimate provided by the makeup artist in Delhi will include travel expenses, accommodation etc.

Discuss in detail the type of look that you would want or a particular hairstyle that you would love to sport on your wedding day. If the makeup artist is not able to meet your needs, you can move on to the net.

Arrange a meeting– Before you book the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi, ensure to meet them once. This will help you know the person’s behavior and temperament. A makeup artist must gel well not only with the bride but also with her family and friends.

Ask for Discounts in a polite way-be polite when you ask for discounts are special offers. Do not force too much on this, as it would mean that the makeup artist might have to cut down on the quality of services offered. If you have a bridesmaid or friends and family members who too require the services of the makeup artist, you can ask for a bulk rate but do not argue.

Check for advance amount– Most makeup artists take a small token of money as advance to confirm the booking. Check the amount, mode of payments to make it hassle-free.

All Details– Before giving the advance amount to the makeup artist have everything written down in the form of an email or contract. The contract must state the date, time, venue, charges, hours of service, refund policy in case of cancellation of the wedding, last-minute changes.

We hope that you would keep in mind the points mentioned above to make no mistakes while booking your bridal makeup artist. Your make up will not only make you look good on your wedding but will remain a part of your life’s history through your wedding album.

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