Necessary Precautions Taken by Makeup Artists Amidst the Pandemic

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Big cities are being closed. Weddings are cancelled, as are significant gatherings. Corporations and companies follow work-from-home schemes. The Coronavirus epidemic worldwide has “self-quarantined” a majority of our population, meaning people avoid crowds and stay home. Planning a wedding amid all the prevalent uncertainty can be a dangerous affair, but bridal makeup artists are tackling coronavirus and survive the storm by taking appropriate security measures.

There is no work from home as a self-employed Makeup artist. And if you are still employed, you cannot separate yourself from a customer. A pro makeup artist’s work allows you to stand for long periods in very close proximity to clients. The makeup artists have perfected their innovative skills to make the most of the lockdown and are ready to showcase their best in every area while preserving all the safety protocols.

It takes a lot of continuous, physical facial contact to get your makeup done. And all are careful to keep their distance from strangers and people who aren’t close friends or relatives. So the bridal makeup artist in Pitampura takes certain measure to make the customers feel relaxed and healthy when they are making their makeup during these pandemic times.

  • Using 70 per cent Isopropyl Alcohol to sanitize all of your makeup items and brushes/applicators. Using it to spray lipsticks and brushes, before washing them.
  • Before contacting each customer, the brushes have to be spot cleaned by saturating the bristles in the brush cleanser and then spraying them with alcohol.
  • Often take the time to thoroughly clean your brushes, too, by soaking them in tea tree oil and baking soda after thorough spot cleaning.
  • Hold your clean brushes in a different pack, and you’re dirty / used brushes in another.
  • Often use disposable applicators since double-dipping is unsanitary and contaminates the whole substance.
  • Clients are welcome to use their mascara, pencils, or lipsticks. If you supply these items, however, always use a removable mascara brush, and do not double-dip the tip.
  • Lipstick / Gloss should be arranged, using a spatula, on a palette and applied with a brush. If applied from the lipstick tube, the lipstick must be sanitized, and the top layer removed.
  • Show your customer how safe and careful you are to make sure their makeup is done in a sanitary environment.
  • If you can’t adequately sanitize between customers, use disposable brushes.
  • Carry a hand sanitizer to your bag. Clean your hands between clients with soap and water. That is more effective than just using a hand sanitizer.
  • Never use tube lipstick on customers. Scrape a little onto a palette with your spatula and use a brush or disposable brushes on the rim.
  • Make sure you always wear a mask on your face, covering your nose and mouth during the entire process.

Weddings are a big day for any bride, and they always wanted to have the best look on their special day. So, it is necessary to book the makeup artist for bridal in Delhi who follow the necessary precautions.

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