Quick And Easy Beauty And Makeup Tips For Brides

On your wedding day, you are too stressed about the various aspects. One thing that could go wrong is your bridal makeup. It could so happen that your mascara or eyeliner is washed away due to tears or it could also be that you have eaten away little of your lipstick. Whatever it is you would want to save your nose by tackling last minute make up disasters on your big day. But how do you go about it is the question that baffles most of us? How can you prepare so well so as not to make any mistakes is what this blog is all about. We provide you with the ultimate makeup tips from the best bridal makeup in Delhi to prepare for and to avoid any pressure breakouts on your wedding day.

Cold Spoons – It could be that your sangeet party went on for an unusually very long time or maybe you had an overdose of drink at your cocktail party that gave you puffiness under your eyes. For distended eyes use cold spoons. Put two spoons for a little while in the freezer and then press them under your eyes for a minute or two. This method contracts the blood vessels, thereby reducing the inflammation. You can do the same with green tea bags.

For A Great Smile – The stressful marriage preparations may increase your coffee or tea intake. This may give a yellow tint to your otherwise white teeth. To combat this, you can apply a little baking soda on your wet toothbrush and then put in your toothpaste. The mixture of baking soda and toothpaste whitens your teeth by removing the stains. Try using the white toothpaste instead of the gel one.

Fuller Lips – Not everyone is blessed to have fuller lips not can everyone afford to undergo surgery for this. However, you can do this with a simple home remedy. Add 3-4 drops of peppermint oil to your lip polish. Apply this several times a day to get the perfect pout that you are looking for. Peppermint oil also works up as a breath freshener.

Hairspray Your Bobby Pins – Before you use bobby pins in your hair use hair spray on it. If you have not hired a bridal makeup artist in Delhi, you can do it yourself by putting the bobby pins on a towel and apply hair spray on it. Once the pins get dried up, they will have a thin, sticky film over it that will keep the hairstyle in place for a longer time.

Concealer + lipstick – Before you apply a lipstick, or a lip-gloss use a concealer on the lips. This will help your lipstick last very long, even if you have food or drinks.

Liquid Blush– Put some powder blush mixed with Vaseline on the backside of your palm. Dab this on your cheeks and blend it in.

We hope the above tips from our freelance makeup artist will be helpful to you on your wedding day.

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