The Hottest Trends for Weddings in the Upcoming Years

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Beauty trends are something that is changing very quickly. It can be seen that every forthcoming year, the options regarding wearing makeup tend to evolve quite a lot. Wedding seasons are going on, so you will find different brides setting different trends and some following the trends which are going on in the market. Every girl visualises the look that she wants at her wedding. For this, not only the attire but also the makeup artist can play a very important role in it. If you are going to get married soon, you just need to make a booking for the best makeup artist in Pitampura Delhi. The hiring of the best makeup artist cab makes your day.

Different hot trending wedding trends are going on. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Minimalist look: Gone are the days when the girls used to like a heavy and cakey base for their wedding. Nowadays most girls like to go with a minimalistic look as the wedding happening nowadays is very intimate. Girls want their skin to look naturally glowing, and the base is very minimal. Even the eye look is very minimal so that the dress can speak out differently, and the minimal makeup completes the look. Many actresses opted for a minimal makeup look, like Alia Bhatt, for her wedding.
  • Fresh dewy look: In this year, one thing that every bride wants for her wedding day is a fresh, dewy base. The makeup artists are putting a lot of effort into preparing the skin of the clients. The skin preparation will give a great dewy look. Many brides go with heavy attires but are very simple with the makeup look to just put everything together.
  • Bold eyes and nude lips: Earlier, a lot of brides used to love going for bold red lips. But now the trends have changed. Girls want to go with a bold shimmery eye look, but to put everything together, the bride goes for nude lips. It is seen that bold eyes and nude lips act as the perfect combination that can give a great makeup look.
  • Pastel Smokey eyes: Not only the pastel colour dresses are in trend, but nowadays, a lot of brides are going for pastel eyes. If you don’t want anything extra eye look, going for pastel eyes is one of the best looks that can be put together very well. Many brides like the pastel eye look, and currently, it is trending.
  • Kohl eyes with lashes: Kohl is the best way to put eye makeup together. Kohl can help in defining the bridal looks as it can be pulled off well with some great fake lashes. It is seen that false lashes can enhance the overall makeup look, and it can make the makeup stand out differently.

So if you are getting married soon, these are some of the great trends that you can follow to have the best makeup look. For this, you can take the help of the best makeup artist in Delhi with price for services.

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