Top Tips for Engagement Makeup of Future Bride

engagement makeup in Pitampura

Many women tend to neglect to pay attention to their makeup on their engagement day. But the fact is that one aspect that sets your looks apart on this special day is makeup. An engagement is typically the most important pre-wedding ceremony in most cultures.

Thus, you want to make a good start to wedding celebrations on the engagement day. Also, you would desire a different look from other celebratory days of the wedding. Hence, there is much demand from to-be brides for engagement makeup in Pitampura.

Following are some major facts about engagement makeup:

Differences in party and wedding makeup

Engagement makeup lies somewhere between the extremes of party makeup and wedding makeup. Party makeup comprises the routine application of foundation, primer, eye makeup, lipstick and contouring. It doesn’t require any special products or tools. 

As for bridal makeup, it uses special tools and techniques like minerals, air-brush and HD. It is more long-lasting than party makeup since brides need to stay dolled up for a long time.

Engagement makeup is not as light as party makeup or as heavy as wedding makeup. It can be applied using either ordinary tools or special tools. 

Factors for deciding on makeup

It depends on the following factors:

  • Inspiration from ambience and overall look

The ambience in which rings are exchanged will go a long way to determine the engagement makeup of choice. In case it is a grand ceremony with a colour theme of black, then dark lipstick and smoky eyes will work wonders. If the scene is subdued with a theme of pastel shades, the nude shades of lipstick and dewy makeup will look good.

  • Time of day

All makeup can be divided into two kinds: day makeup and night makeup. For a day function, to be- brides typically don outfits of bright shades, complemented by bright makeup. For night functions, they opt for dark shades like maroon and gold with smoky and dark makeup.

It is vital that one should avoid wearing sunscreen for night makeup as it will make for a ghostly appearance before the camera flash. This is because of the minerals in the sunscreen.

  • Nature of outfit

Makeup is based most of all on the basis of the bride-to-be’s outfit. As for the outfit, it depends on the venue, theme and time of the engagement function. After deciding on the outfit, the palette for makeup should be discussed with the makeup professional beforehand.

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Elements of makeup for the engagement ceremony

Engagement party beauty packages in Delhi comprise of following main elements:

  • Eyes

Elaborate eye makeup suits every kind of engagement function, especially day functions. Smoky eyes are ideal for night functions. Select eye-shadow as per the colour of the outfit.

  • Lips

Colours like orange, red or pink or nude shades of lipstick match well with engagement outfits, no matter whether it is a day or night function. Pick colours that either contrast or complement the outfit.

  • Face

The face will carry many elements like contour, foundation and primer. It is important that they match your skin tone. Else, they will contrast with the colour of the rest of the body.

  • Hairstyle

You can experiment with many hairstyles compared to your wedding day. Select the hairstyle as per the neckline of your blouse, your face cut and your comfort. Hairstyles can also be culturally determined.

In sum, these are all aspects involved in makeup on the engagement day of a future bride. For best results, it is good to consult a beauty professional.

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