6 Super Useful Things You Have to Have in Your Bridal Clutch!

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While you are more worried about your lehenga or your hair, your clutch is screaming for attention. Yes, it wants to be packed right! But to toss the right things into it, you need to know what these right things are. There are many things that prove super useful during the wedding, but here the 6 items that you simply can’t forget to stuff your wedding clutch with. Wondering why these 6 items? Well, we also explain that.

1. Your lipstick or any lip pigment that is similar to what you are wearing-

If you are using your own lipstick, you should definitely carry it in your clutch. You can also carry the exact product your makeup artist used on you. It’s worth spending some extra money to get the exact shade you have on. You don’t want your lips to look drab or worse, faded. Isn’t it?

2. Safety pins to save your day-

They are small lifesavers; it goes without saying. Safety pins are very useful and can be used to fix a lot of sartorial issues. You should always have a few in your bridal bag to solve any wardrobe problem. They are an amazing quick fix and can save you from embarrassment that results from sudden tears in clothes.

3. Keep some tissues- girl, it’s your wedding day!

Have some tissues handy- you won’t have to wipe your tears with your palms, or worse yet someone’s saree. It’s a great accessory to have in your bridal bag so you don’t get your makeup all over the place and can still maintain a beautiful, clean look no matter how emotional it gets.

4. Mints and chewing gums!

On your big day, you are going to smile relentlessly and not talk much. Also, you might have to stay without food or water for too long. All that might leave you feeling weird inside your mouth. To keep bad breath away and your mouth fresh, carry mint strips, chewing gum or mints.

5. Carry a tiny bottle of perfume-

This is a must-have, especially if you are getting married during the summer season. To make sure everyone is captivated by how you are smelling, be sure to carry a tiny travel-sized bottle of your favorite perfume in your clutch.

6. Also, don’t forget to carry your tiny personal mirror-

This one is perfect for quick fixes such as a quick glance, lipstick fix, or to adjust your baby hair gone haywire. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to find small sized mirrors on the market. There are different varieties available- some come with really cute frames. If you want one to carry in your clutch permanently, invest in a metal framed mirror. They are more durable than others.

Although the items mentioned aren’t going to break your bank, they can make a big difference in how your big day goes. So now, that you know about the essentials you need in your clutch, there is no reason why you shouldn’t start gathering the listed items right away, especially if your wedding is around the corner.

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