7 Common Mistakes Done While Applying Makeup

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Makeup is an art that is to be done by balancing the technique and the products to be used. Many people think doing makeup is a very easy task, but it is not. Nowadays, the makeup industry has uplifted itself to a great extent by including different new products and techniques of applying makeup. This is the reason why people love to hire professional makeup artists in Delhi on special occasions.

No doubt they are very professional in their work, but when it comes to the common person applying makeup, he/she can commit many mistakes. Some of the common mistakes are listed below:

  1. No proper skin prep: Every person desires to have a flawless base of makeup, but no one tries to understand the technique of achieving it. If the skin is not prepped up properly, how the person can get the perfect base. So, it is highly recommended to have a good skincare routine every day and also right before applying makeup.
  2. No change in the foundation with age: With time, the skin also starts showing different signs. The skin will look completely different from the people who are in their mid-20s and the people in the mid-40s. So, the products used as the base will also be different as older people need more coverage of foundation to cover the skin problems.
  3. Applying makeup in the wrong lighting: Some people might attempt to apply makeup in a room that lacks proper light. They don’t know how disastrous it might look when they step out. So better apply the makeup in proper lighting so that you know how the base will actually look. Even all the makeup artist in Pitampura Delhi do makeup on their client in good lighting.
  4. Using too much concealer: There might be many people suffering from the problem of dark circles. To hide all this discoloration on the skin, the person might use a lot of concealers that can end up getting a lot of layers, in turn, making your base look cakey. Try to use a very less amount of concealer and blend it properly.
  5. Forget to take care of lips: In the whole face, the most attention is paid to the person’s lips. So, it is very important to take care of them and prep them before applying lipstick layers. Even apply lip liner before applying lipstick or gloss to give it a fuller look.
  6. Applying coats of mascara on bottom lashes: Some people wear heavy mascara on lower lashes. This might end up getting the mascara even on under eyes, which will become difficult to fix up.
  7. Not applying blush: The makeup look is not complete until the person doesn’t apply blush on the apple of the cheeks properly. The blush should not shimmery or too powdery to dust off easily. Blend it properly on the skin to get that perfect glow.

It is better not to repeat these common mistakes. For a better makeup look on special occasions, get the appointment of the top makeup artist in Delhi.

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