7 Essential Lessons For Hiring A Bridal MUA

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Looking well-groomed and polished on the wedding day is all girls’ big fat dream. They start planning their bridal look from early adolescence and eagerly wait for the day. However, they forget that the wedding organization is full of responsibilities where the deemed bride is not left out.

Early is better        

The bride has to actively participate in planning for her dress, trust, and honeymoon destination, leaving her distressed and puzzle. Amidst all this chaos, she books one of the bridal makeup services in Delhi without much know-how and sometimes regrets her choices later.

All brides should know that they are showstopper of the wedding day and look like a queen cladded in a beautiful dress and flawless makeup. So, take the help of these lessons and choose a good MUA.

Jot down seven important lessons about hiring a bridal MUA

  • The search begins

Finding a good makeup artist in your area could be a daunting task if you have very few days left in your hands. Ideally, you should start the search six months before your wedding day. But if you plan to book the top most MUA of Delhi, you might need to start the search 12 months before the wedding day.

  • The chase of best makeup artist

Once you have started the hunt, you face an obvious dilemma. You are not able to find a source of contact. Here, you can take the help of Google and search for famous bridal makeup artists in Delhi. Else, you can ask your recently married friends and family members about their MUA.

  • Criteria for shortlisting makeup artist

There are a lot of factors includes like their availability, experience, packages, profile, etc. It would help if you asked everything in advance before finalizing one of them. Requesting their work profile could help you make the decision better.

  • The confusing selection (Bridal makeup/all-ceremony package)

Bridal makeup involves a lot of discretions, like special occasion (Sangeet, Haldi, Mehandi, and Reception) makeup, wedding day makeup, and guest makeup. Now, it is up to you that what you want in the package. The selection also depends on the price factor.

  • High-definition or Air Brush Make-up

An up-to-date MUA will surely ask your preference about HD and Air Brush Makeup. But you will only be able to choose one if you have the proper know-how.

Airbrush Make-up: An airbrush makeup uses a gun instead of traditional brushes and sponges. The makeup is sprayed rather than blending. This method is good for summer seasons and oily skins.

HD Make-up: HD stands for High Definition, and high definition makeup has been a prominent choice of all brides in town. In this makeup, pigments are finely milled, and everything looks flawless. It is a good choice for all seasons.

  • Bridal makeup – what’s included?

Before you pay upfront to a bridal makeup artist in Delhi, make sure you have confirmed the list of services included in bridal makeup. Generally, the package includes makeup, saree or dupatta styling, hairstyling, and nail painting. The package may differ from artist to artist.

  • Makeup trial provided or not

Lastly, some MUAs provide a paid trial and adjust it in the final payment. On the contrary, some charge but don’t adjust the amount in the final payment. If you are lucky, you may get a free trial.

Hope you will follow these lessons and choose the best for your wedding!


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