Day-Long Glossy Lips With Long Lasting Lip Glosses

Long Lasting Lip Glosses

The entire makeup look can be great or become a great failure if the lips are not done very well. The lips and the color of lip shade play a very important role in the entire makeup look. You will see many makeup artists paying the most amount of time doing their clients’ lips. Even nowadays people want to go with the lip-glossed look. For this, they demand long-lasting lip gloss that can last for a very long time. Either you can do it at your home but if you want to attend some party, you can book the most affordable makeup artist in Delhi who is readily available to provide makeup services. 

If you want to have day-long glossy lips that can last you for a very long time. Just make sure to follow some of the given below steps. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Exfoliate your lips: If you want anything to last long on your face and even lips, you just need to prep your skin very well. For this just exfoliate your lips so well that all the dead cells can be removed easily. This way the lipstick can be on your lips effortlessly and will stay there all day long.

  • Apply lip balm: Whenever you are prepping your skin for the makeup, just never forget to moisturize your lips very well, if you have extremely dry lips, better to opt for thick lip balms this way your lips will feel fresh and hydrated while the makeup is being done.

  • Apply foundation: If you want that long-lasting lipstick, a great hack to this is to apply foundation evenly on the lips. This way the foundation will give a great base to the lipstick to settle on the lips quite well. All the lines or cracks can be filled up properly.

  • Overline lips: Most people just forget to do this step. If you want fuller lips with long-lasting effects on them. This is very important to just overline your lips. Use a lip pencil that is close to the lip color that you are going to apply. This way you can easily give an illusion of fuller lips just by overlining with a lip pencil.

  • Use great quality lipstick: If you want great lips that last very long. You just need to have a great lipstick or lip pallet from which the lip color will be applied on the lips. Just apply one layer of lip color and use a napkin to remove the excess lip color. Then again fill the lips with the same color. This way the two coats of lip color will last you very long.

  • Apply great quality lip gloss: For glossier lips, apply a great brand of lip gloss that can last you for a very long time. Different colors are available in gloss, opt for the ones that you think will go with the look.

Many of the professional makeup artists in Delhi are following all these ways to give long-lasting glossy lips to their clients.

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