Hair Mistakes to Avoid During Your Wedding

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When it comes to wedding preparations, bridal hair and hairstyles come in a close third behind clothes and cosmetics. Many of us focus on growing our hair out as much as possible before the wedding, but when it comes to the big day, not many of us walk in knowing exactly what we want or properly preparing our hair. So, if you want to have the perfect bridal hairdo as well, stay away from these frequent errors made by brides these days.

A Hairstyle That Isn’t Appropriate for Our Face Shape

We have a natural urge to copy and follow what’s popular, and haircuts are no exception. The most essential thing to remember is that your hairstyle should complement your hair type, texture, and length while also nicely contouring your face. A decent haircut always compliments and accentuates your finest face characteristics while hiding those you don’t want to be noticed for. For example, if you have a round face, choose a straight haircut that frames and even covers the sides of your cheekbones and lengthens your face. 

Washing your hair on the wedding day

Unless you wish to keep your hair open—if you’re wearing a bun—washing your hair on your wedding day is a big no-no. Hair might become frizzy and difficult to style as a result. Even if it means getting rid of the backcombing and knots from a prior event. You should wash your hair the day before. That way, your natural oils have a chance to go all the way around your hair, resulting in hair that is more glossy and simpler to style. If it’s too thick and greasy to handle, use dry shampoo to the scalp to absorb the excess oil.

Choosing the Wrong Hair Part

Something as basic as separating your hair correctly may have a significant influence; it can quickly enhance your hairdo and transform your appearance. On the other hand, a bad hair part may not match your face shape and may not properly distribute your hair to soften any facial extremes, such as a very broad forehead, a widow’s peak, or a receding hairline. There is a lot of hair styling course in Delhi that teach the basics like this.

Trying something different

This is not the time to try anything new. If you’ve never had your hair rebonded, or if you’ve never had a perm, don’t do it too close to the wedding. Experimenting with a length, style, or texture that you’ve never attempted before might be disastrous. So, at the very least, two months in advance, all of these things must be prepared or tried out.

Choosing the incorrect hair accessory

We see a lot of brides experimenting with hair accessories, not just for the wedding, but also for the engagement or Sangeet, which is great. However, although the correct hair item may glam up the entire outfit, the wrong one can appear garish and completely destroy it. Even if your MUA says, it looks nice, trust your instincts and throw it out if you don’t like it.

When it comes to fresh flowers, being careless is a big no-no

Fresh flowers in hairdos are lovely, but not when they wilt. Choose flowers that will last a long time and keep them in the fridge until you’re ready to utilize them in your hair. If the whole procedure is taking too long, have one of your buddies spray them every now and again.

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