Achieve the No Makeup Look Easily Without Using Many Products

Achieve the No Makeup Look Easily

Make-up applied and still look like you didn’t put any on it is an art. After all, makeup makes you look like you’ve got beautiful skin, dissimulates all those dark circles and irritating zits and gives your face that glowing overall. You can achieve this no-makeup look for all your pre-wedding and post-wedding functions all by yourself.

You can also get tips from your makeup artists in Delhi to achieve this look, or you can also book them to do light makeup for the functions. So, here are a few tips for you to achieve the no-makeup look.

Even out your skin tone

To begin with, the first and most important tip of the essential makeup tips is even skin. To do this, you need to start with a great skin regimen to keep your complexion flawless. Use a light BB cream coverage or base for pure coverage and a natural finish. The aim is to balance out the skin and not mask it under a full-coverage product. Using a spot concealer in areas requiring additional shielding such as the under-eyes, sunspots, and defects. Using a light powder to form the foundation but remember to use a very light hand to prevent a dense powdery finish.

Draw your eyes with a liner

Be it a simple makeup look or a high-on glam look; eyes have the power to make it or break it. Tight lining means simply lining the top and bottom inner eye rims with a liner, remaining as close as possible to the lash line. To give them natural length, add the liner into the roots of the lashes.

Lift and shape your lashes

Never complete your makeup routine without grooming your lashes says the top makeup artists in Delhi. Use an eyelash curler to give somebody to your lashes, and then use a defining mascara to separate them. Avoid a dramatic mascara that lengthens your eyelashes because it is all about looking natural that the look you are aiming for.

Add some natural colour to cheeks and lips. 

For your cheeks, choose a rosy pink or an earthy peach tint; apply only a small amount of the product for a rosy, stained effect. Ideally, simple home makeup should involve first using a lip balm for that nourished, plump effect. First, apply it all over your lips, softening your pout. Then use your finger to tap the lipstick bullet and gently press your fingertip to add a soft colour stain to your lips.

Fill your eyebrows

As they frame your face, Brows are an integral part of your simple makeup for an everyday look. Use a brow pencil to fill your brows’ sparse areas and then brush them over with a clear mascara to set up the strands. Make sure you fill in the arches; go to the arches darkly at the beginning of the brows and taper the colour towards the end.

So, if you follow these steps and practise them regularly, you will be able to achieve the no-makeup look.

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