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With time, the makeup industry has gone a long way in terms of services and techniques. Many people are showing interest in the industry as it is an industry that brings up numerous opportunities to the people. So, if you are new to this industry, then you need to learn about different concepts. For this, you can opt for the best beautician course in Delhi at MBM Makeup Studio & Academy. The owner of this makeup studio & academy Mrs. Manveen Kaur is one of the most experienced makeup artists. The students can easily learn from their experience and can be on the right track of makeup.

Makeup comes with different trends, and every person tries to follow that. Even in 2021, there are some of the amazing makeup trends that are going on. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Blush placement: In makeup, blush placement is one of the most important things. Earlier the blush placement was done right on the apples of the cheeks, but now the trend has changed a lot. Now the blush is placed right above the checks and near the hairline where the contour is done. This will give a face a more uplifted look which is great. The blush placement will not provide more structure to your face, and the application can be very precise.
  • Concealer application: Many of you might be applying the concealer in the wrong way. A couple of years back, concealer was heavily applied under the eyes. But now, using a little product in the right way is the best strategy. The person can emphasize the concealer placement at the corner of the eye and also place a line of concealer right above the eye in an upward direction. This will give an instant upliftment to the face. Going for too much of the product can make your base look cakey.
  • Using lipstick blush: Yes, many of the women are using their lipsticks as blush. This is a new trend that is being used in the makeup industry. Even lip and cheek tints are doing a great job of doing very natural makeup. This can be used with the concealer to do an overall look that will naturally look for some light occasions or parties.
  • Contour mapping: A couple of years back, the contouring style was different from the one that is used in today’s time. Tons of makeup tricks are involved in doing the contouring in today’s time. Nowadays, minimal contouring is done on the face just to provide a proper structure, and it even looks very cool.
  • Glossy lips: A year or two ago, matte lips were very much in trend. But now people are going for glossy lips. After lining the lips properly, they are filled with matte lipsticks and further topped up with gloss. This is another makeup trend that is being followed by many people.

So, you can follow such makeup trends and enjoy different looks. You can even learn such makeup tricks at MBM Makeup Studio & Academy.

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