Six Amazing Tricks To Wear Your Make Up Right This Monsoon!

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Monsoon in India is a time when your skin needs more attention and care as it brings skin problems. The increased humidity causes patches in the skin and smudges the makeup. For all the makeup lovers monsoon is a dreaded season. Monsoon also washes the makeup, which makes the skin look dull and lifeless. We help you fix this problem by giving you six guidelines from the best makeup artist in Delhi, for your make up in the monsoon.

  1. Prefer Powders – To help your make up last long use oil-absorbing powders as the base of your make up. Give preference to powder base foundation as it is not worn off easily even in humid weather conditions. Also, before you apply makeup, wear a primer.
  2. Avoid Cream based makeup – Try to avoid sing cream-based cosmetics as they can melt and make your face greasy and unkempt. Cream-based makeup products are good for the winters as the cold weather does help them stay longer. Use matte products, whether it is a lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush or kajal. For the rainy season, you must avoid using too much foundation, creamy makeup products and concealers.
  3. Use Waterproof products – When you buy the cosmetics of your choice ensure that they are waterproof. The regular ordinary cosmetic products stand a chance of being spoiled in the rainy season. The main aspects of the rainy season makeup are to keep it minimal, radiant and waterproof. Do not use the concealer and make sure the eyeliner and mascara that you use are water resistant.
  4. Lip tints are good – For the monsoon, ignore the glossy lipsticks. Instead, try the matte ones for a dry look. Do not choose bold and bright shades of lipstick. Go for soft undertones like browns or pink matte lipstick. Shiny and creamy lipsticks in the monsoon would get smudged so try not wearing those and opt for the matte-finished ones.
  5. Choose a liquid foundation for less humid days – In hot and rainy weather conditions go for a liquid foundation, as it does not run out on less sweaty days due to rains.
  6. Always keep in mind that less is more – It is always better to use less layers of makeup in the rainy season instead of piling up one layer after another. This is because heavy rains in the monsoon can wash away or smudge your make up. Pick up the right shades but keep the makeup minimal and balanced. According to makeup artists in Delhi, the lesser the makeup in the monsoon season, the more beautiful you look.

Make sure that your skin is free of oil dirt and grime. Make cleansing a part of a daily skincare routine. This will help keep your skin fresh and glowy. Follow the monsoon mentioned above make up trips to avoid makeup disasters in the wet season and get the most out of your monsoon makeup. You will not have to worry about your make up being washed away, lipstick getting smudged, eyeliners getting dripped or having a patchy foundation with our tips.

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