Tips On Choosing The Best Bridal Make-Up Packages

engagement beauty packages in Delhi

Before the big wedding, it is widespread these days to have a grand engagement party. It is an assurance for the couples and their family that they are going to be married soon, but it is like a trial round before the main wedding happens. It is an excellent opportunity for the bride to trial her make-up and checks what hairstyle fits her best.

So, it’s more important to select good engagement beauty packages in Delhi. Bridal make-up kits are designed to take into account the needs of the bride, including systematic skincare and consultations. The days when Indian brides used to be dressed by relatives and friends are gone. Every bride deserves to be a diva for the engagement. So here are few things to consider before you decide the best package for you.

Set a Budget

Even before you decide how you want to present yourself during the engagement, you have to decide on the make-up budget. This is an important day of your life which you will cherish forever, so decide on the budget wisely. It is essential to plan a budget so that you have a sense of how much you can invest easily and how much you can extend if appropriate.

Decide Your Look

As a bride, every girl has a dream about how they will look in the engagement and wedding. Right from childhood, a girl would have planned each and every aspect of her wedding and engagement, including what one should wear, what hairdo one should have, etc. The first most significant step to select the make-up person is to decide how you want to look on your engagement day. And then discuss if the make-up artist can achieve that look.

Do a good research

Make fair use of the internet and search for good engagement make-up artists in Delhi. Go through their websites and look at the reviews given by satisfied customers. Shortlist the make-up artists that you like so that it becomes easy to narrow down and choose one.


And once you have decided on the make-up artist you like, check if they take all the necessary precautions. It is very important to clarify and discuss the hygiene practices they follow, as it is essential during the COVID times. Make sure all the brushes and tools that they use are sanitized.

Additional services

Check with the make-up artist if they offer any manicure, pedicure, or facial services included in the bridal packages. This might come as a bonus for you.

Have a trial

Engagement or marriage is a one-time event in your life, and there is going to be a lot of photos and videos which you will watch and relive the memories even in your 70’s. So, you definitely have to make sure to look fabulous in all those pictures. So, before the final event, you have a practice session to make sure to look astonishing on your big day. This will also help the make-up artist get a good understanding of the preferences and the type of make-up you want on your final day.

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