What Are The New Bridal Trends?

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A girl wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. So the planning is done months before the actual wedding day. Today, it’s not just about looking beautiful; it has become more about setting up the trends. The bridal looks of celebrities have become a trend and every bride-to-be today wants those looks. Anushka Sharma’s look at her wedding with a light colour wedding dress and nude makeup was so appreciated that it became a trend and every girl wants that look today. 

It is very important for the look one desires to hire a professional makeup artist who has a fair amount of experience and is up to date with the trends. Today, the makeup artists already know that they have to follow the trends, or the brides would not be satisfied. The trends following would bring change in the usual bridal makeup in Delhi

There are many bridal looks available on the internet. Some of the trends followed and provided by the bridal makeup services in Pitampura are-

  • The millennium red or pink makeup. Pink and red are the colours of love and every bride would want to dress up in the colour of love. Just keep the base minimum and lip shade pink or red. These are the basic colours that any bride would want to wear. 
  • Nude bridal makeup. Some brides-to-be have preferred a nude look rather than the basic red or pink makeup look. But, this look only suits some and not everybody. Wearing a beautiful bridal lehenga, with beautiful jewellery, light base, and nude lips shade. This is the new trend that every girl today wants to follow.
  • Traditional look. It is a new trend to wear makeup that shows a modern look and wears traditional attires. This look is mostly seen in movies with traditional attires, beautiful makeup that enhances any girl’s features and beauty. This look is complemented with metallic shades and dark lip shades. Any girl would want this look on her wedding day.
  • The classic look. Any girl would look beautiful in this look. One can wear this look in the Mehandi or Sangeet ceremony. This look includes minimum makeup with dark lip shade. And to highlight the eyes as well, a winged eyeliner. This is a soft yet classic look.
  • Bridal packages. The makeup artists today have many packages according to the trends. One must check these packages and choose the best. Today’s makeup artists provide engagement packages, pre-bridal packages, bridal beauty packages, party makeup, Roka makeup, etc. These packages also have different makeup looks and may or may not include a hairdo.

Above were some of the trending bridal looks. Only the artists with a good amount of experience would be able to satisfy their customers and follow the trends as well. One must consider the bridal beauty packages in PitampuraThey have the best package deals available for the brides-to-be and have courses available to learn how to be perfect at the art of doing makeup or the hairdo.

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